Why to choose Nanny Institute Romania?

  1. The comfort of the learning method

We offer a learning program that suits you. The platform allows you to study at home or at work. You can successfully complete the program without going to a classroom but in the comfort of your own space.

  1. Your own pace

You do not need to accommodate any strict timetable in your daily schedule. Just choose when you want to study and when to send homework and assessments. You can either allow yourself time to complete the program over a year or you can decide to dedicate enough time to complete the course in a record time. You will not be locked in a time limit, as in the classroom study format.

  1. You have the support of qualified tutors who are industry professionals

You will get your own tutor who will give you tips, evaluate your work and answer your questions.

  1. All learning materials are included

Everything you need to complete your program is included at no additional cost. You do not need to buy expensive textbooks and materials.

  1. The courses have a competitive price

And with the choice of a prepayment option (10% discount) you can afford the desired course. We also have no hidden costs – the course fee covers all the learning materials, delivered directly to the student account. In addition, the course can be tax deductible since it is linked to your work field.

  1. Credibility

Nanny Institute Romania is internationally accredited and recognized. We adhere to strict training requirements and standards and undergo periodic audits to ensure compliance with the international standards.

All modules have been developed in consultation with industry professionals. This means that we offer you an industry-qualified qualification and give you credibility in your chosen career.

  1. Assistance in finding a job

After the completion of the course, we assist graduates in the job applications, which facilitates support in contacting the families, preparing the interview and career counseling.

  1. Valuable career skills

The onest hat you can use at work. We provide you with the skills you need to fulfill your new career.

Vreau vești de la voi!