If you love children and you like contributing to their growth, you will enjoy the career experience of a certified nanny becoming a professional in the Romanian market.

During this program you will acquire basic knowledge and skills in:


Basic  Practices– Health & Safety

Standard Practices – Child Caring

Advanced Practices – Building relationship

Professional Nanny – Play, development & learning

1Children’s health and safety practices
2Ocupational Health & Safety practices
3First Aid practices
4Care for new born babies
5Care for children
6Nutritional food for children
7Support children to become independent and to learn new abilities
8Interacting positively with children  
9Effective communication with the children
10Active listening to the children
11Supporting the positive behaviour
12Develop a climate that encourage the children
13Collaborate with children around their interests
14Develop a climate to encourage the decison making of the children
15Adapting the communication style to different cultures
16Identifing the children needs
17Support the child development
18Develop the climate for the children learning

The relationship between the nanny and the parents is a partnership. Once you assimilate this knowledge, share it with your employer and start incorporating them into your daily routine.

We wish you to enjoy your success once you learn to provide services to the highest standards in the families you work for.

Vreau vești de la voi!