Nanny Institute România was established in 2020 to provide a school, at international standards, to those who practice babysitting.

You can also take benefits of this school curriculum if you are a future parent or grandparent, or if you take care of children in various institutions (nurseries, kindergartens, schools).

We offer a child-centered curriculum with over 100 hours of online training. It was created with the support of experts in their field (pediatrics, child psychology, first aid, child safety and health, nutrition).

We aim to develop the knowledge and skills needed since the birth of the newborn and later in the development of the toddler, the preschooler and the schoolchild stages.

100% online learning

We provide online courses for every person that is involved in raising the babies and children.

Our courses

Our courses help you get trained for first aid situations, baby feeding rules and techniques or taking care of toddlers and children. The courses are fit for parents, grandparents and also nannies.

International standards

Each module follows the international child care standards and the certification received is valid worldwide.

Letter of intent – Nanny Institute

From: Nanny Institute Romania : contact@nannyinstitute.ro

To: Me : student@gmail.com

Dear potential student,

We are really glad you are visiting our site today.

If you want to prepare yourself for a a childcare career, openning a door to international opportunities, you are in the right place! And you are not alone in this journey. At this moment, several of our students are studing at home, enjoying the comfort created by us through this online platform.

Think that in less than a year from now – maybe only a few months – you can get a professional diploma, valid anywhere in the world. This way you can enjoy a career that suits your interests, talents and goals in life. In the same time, you will get an unique self-confidence feeling from possessing internationally accredited knowledge and skills.

The graduation diploma offers you a real competitive advantage on the Romanian market and beyond. You will certainly be able to enjoy other exciting opportunities in this career.

Our platform is a modern one, created to provide students with an extraordinary learning experience. It is accessible to anyone regardless the place, previous experience and education.

We hope you will join our community today. We will be next to you from the first lesson until your graduation day.

Today you can take the next step towards achieving your goals. Click to discover how to enroll in this program.


Andreea Georgescu

Nanny Institute Romania Co-Fondator

Vreau vești de la voi!