All you need to know about babycaring from the very first moment until teenage.


Nanny Institute Romania was established in 2020 to help every parent prepare and train for the most important role of their life, that of parent.

You can also enjoy this school if you are a grandparent or nanny or if you take care of children in various institutions (nurseries, kindergartens, schools).

We have created over 180 modules of 5 or 10 minutes each that you can watch at your own pace. We built them with the support of experts in: pediatrics, child psychology, first aid, child safety and health, nutrition, parenting, breastfeeding.

With their help you will discover what the science says. You will also develop the necessary skills from the child birth and later, in the developmental stages specific to the childhood.

100% online learning

We provide online courses for every person that is involved in raising the babies and children.

Practical courses

Our courses traines your for the first aid situations, baby feeding and right hygiene.

International standards

Each module follows the international child care standards replacing old fashion practices.

Our Mission
Activities for toddler
Our mission is to give to the parents the entire confidence that they will be the best parent for their child from the very first moment.

Our vision is to create a better life for every parent every day.

What we offer?

  1. Courses on various topics built with experts in: pediatrics, first aid, home safety, breastfeeding, baby sleep, child psychology, parenting, education, and more.
  2. In a friendly and easy to use format, available 24/7, at affordable prices.
  3. Free webinars where they will be able to find questions about the problems they face at that time.
  4. Access to a network of experts and their services.
  5. Tools to help them in their daily lives.

Letter of intent – Nanny Institute

From: Nanny Institute Romania : contact@nannyinstitute.ro

To: Me : student@gmail.com

Dear Parent,

We are really glad you are visiting our site today.

If you want to prepare yourself for the parent job, you are in the right place!

And you are not alone in this journey. We are here to support you to choose the best suitable solution at this moment.

In less than one year

Maybe in just a few months, you will be familiar with everything you need to know about your baby in his first year of life. Then you will want to know how you can support him to become independent. Or support him when he has tantrums. Or how to prepare him for kindergarten.

We guarantee that nothing can be compared to the feeling of selftrust, as a parent, when you have knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately.

Our platform

it gives you the opportunity to study from the comfort of your home and at the time you have time to do it. You will enjoy short modules that will focus on what is relevant to you.

We hope you will join our community today. We will be there, next to you, from the first lesson, until your child grows up.

Today you can take the next step towards achieving your goals, discovering how to enroll in this program.


Andreea Georgescu

Nanny Institute Romania Co-Fondator

Vreau vești de la voi!